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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Introduction to the Blog

This blog will serve two purposes: (1) to host discussions about my book, Digital Dharma: A Users Guide to Expanding Consciousness in the Age of the Infosphere, and (2) to continue my project of finding metaphors out in the Infosphere for the challenges we face on the path of evolving consciousness.

The Digital Dharma links will start with short book excerpts, and provide a space for your feedback and your links to parallel blogs working in the same domain. And, each week I will link to and comment on news articles that offer us an opportunity to look at the Infosphere not as a force outside of ourselves, but a mirror of the light and shadow of consciousness. I will also keep the site updated with scheduled workshops and talks, as well as seminar proposals and articles -- both completed and those still in development.

Information about my book talks and seminars, as well as press releases and photos, is on my business website:

Steven Vedro
July 10, 2007

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