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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Petyabyte Data Patterns

Chris Anderson's new article in Wired talks about stepping back from our attempts to see our theories reflected in "models of reality" and just learning to observe the patterns made possible by plotting "petabytes" of date points. This seems to me another "bleed through" of the 6th-chakra awareness of the importance of "watching the codes" of creation -- the patterns reveal themselves!

Good 5th Chakra Summary Article

New Connexion Magazine: The Pacific Northwest's Journal of Conscious Living, published a full- page summary of my book chapter (#5) on "Living in Truth on the World Wide Web."

I will be back in Portland and Salem in mid-October.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The media of the Infosphere and their connection to the Chakras

This is another part of the interview with Bill Wade. Here I summarize the metaphoric relationship between each media form and its corresponding chakra of the energy body.

You can read more about each media form in this blog, or my book, Digital Dharma.

An interview about "The Broken Heart of Television"

Last year I was interviewed by Bill Wade for an upcoming documentary on "Terrorism, Television, and the Heart." Bill has been kind enough to give me the interview video for my own use. I have just posted a 10-minute excerpt about why television connect to the light and shadow of the Heart Chakra on You-Tube .