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Sunday, February 24, 2008

It was an honor to be invited to Field's in San Francisco (right), the Bodhi Tree in Los Angeles, and East-West Books in NYC and Seattle. But the sad truth was that my turnout was actually pretty low.

I had better responses at bookstores in smaller cities (such as Bellingham WA, San Raphael and Encinitas CA, and Corvallis WA), or when sponsored by Noetic Sciences, Theosophical, or Integral Studies groups.
Highlights were speaking at Krotona TS Lodge in Ojai CA and the Rio Rancho NM TS Study Group, the Center for Conscious Creativity in Hollywood; at the Ken Wilber-Integral Studies "Meet-Ups" in Denver, Philly and NYC; at Unitarian Fellowships in La Crosse WI and Bellingham WA; at the HOME Church in Salem OR, at Tucson IONS and the Open Center in NYC, and the Bay Area Future Forum at SAP in Palo Alto (DJ Cline photo on left).

I think the best experience was meeting so many great people who put me up for the night, showed me their towns, shared their inner spiritual light, and encouraged me despite sometimes low turnouts. In point of fact, the book has acheived SECOND PRINTING, and foreign language rights have been sold in Brazil, Slovenia and the Netherlands!

In Truth or Consequences, NM (2-17-08)

The next to last stop on my booktour was in Truth or Consequences, NM. This town has a very interesting connection to the power of the electronic media, as its name was changed in a competition back in the 1950's to be the first to host the popular radio show of that name.
Here I am with Jonathan Phillips (founder NYC Gnostics and editor of at the Black Cat Bookstore, photo by Mikey Sklar.
Soon after the talk, it was time for a long hot soak!

With the Philly Integral Meet-up in November

Had a great time with Integral Philly Meet-Up.
Some comments:

Richard Neff "I believe this was a watershed event. Meeting Steven Vedro clicked me back in place."

Rob Scott "Steven Vedro gave a great talk about personal development, spiritual development and how our communication technologies mirror our own stages and challenges. Very, very interesting and fun. I highly recommend checking out Steven's work!"

Skip Shuda "Steve Vedro's presentation of his book Digital Dharma was eye opening and thought provoking! A brave new world!"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Completed Talks and Workshops


August 10 La Quinta CA: Panelist on Media and Consciousness at the Institute for Noetic Sciences Conference. Hear the audio (mp3)
September 17 Madison WI: Interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio's statewide program Here on Earth with Jean Feraca. Hear the audio (mp3)
Oct. 12 Denver CO: Talk at the Metaphysical Bookstore
Oct 13 Denver CO: Workshop at the Metaphysical Research Society
Oct 20 Vancouver BC: Ayurveda Center (sponsored by Banyen Books)
Oct 21 Bellingham WA: Village Books 5PM; Morning remarks at Unitarian Fellowship
Oct 22 Kirkland WA: Stonehouse Books
Oct 24 Seattle WA: East-West Books
Oct 25 Seattle WA: Ravenna Third Place Books
Oct 26-27 Portland OR: Talk and Workshop at New Renassiance Books
Oct 28 Salem OR: H.O.M.E. Center
Oct 28 Eugene OR: "An Evening with New Thinkers" with Amit Goswami (University of Oregon Knight Library Browsing Room)
Oct 29 Covallis OR: Grassroots Books
Oct 30 Ashland OR: Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library
Nov 4 Madison WI: Mimosa Books and Gifts
Nov 6 Naperville IL: Barnes and Noble Books
Nov 6 Wheaton IL: Borders Books
Nov 7 Chicago IL: Transitions Bookstore
Nov 8 Wheaton IL: Theosophical Society National Headquarters
Nov 11 Wayne PA: Integral Philly Meet-Up
Nov 12 NYC NY: Ken Wilber/IS Meet-up
Nov 13 NYC NY: Friends of IONS
Nov 14 NYC NY: NY Theosophical Society
Nov 15 NYC NY: East-West Living
Nov 16 NYC NY: The NY Open Center
Nov 17 Princeton NJ: Borders Books
Nov 18 Madison WI: Madison Integrals Group
Dec 2 La Crosse, WI: Unitarian Fellowship followed by booksigning at Pearl Street Books
Dec 8 Madison WI: Discussion with the Madison Friends of IONS (Friends Meeting House)
Dec 15 Phoenix AZ: Booksigning, Borders-Paradise Valley
Dec 16 Tempe AZ: Booksigning, Borders
Dec 16 Phoenix AZ: Talk at the Valley Consciousness Group
Dec 17 Mesa AZ: Booksigning, Borders
Dec 18 Mesa AZ: Phoenix Area Noetic Sciences Group
Dec 20 Albuquerque NM: The Rio Rancho Study Center of the Theosophical Society in America

Jan 14 Santa Rosa CA: Copperfield's Books
Jan 17 Palo Alto CA: Nokia Research Center
Jan 17 San Francisco CA: Field's Books introduced by Erik Davis, author of Techgnosis
Jan 18 Palo Alto CA: Future Salon (video of entire 2-hr talk now online)
Jan 19 Petaluma CA: North Bay IONS Community Group
Jan 19 Corte Madera CA: Book Passage -- introduced by the late Leonard Shlain, author of The Alphabet versus the Goddess and other works.
Jan 20 Berkeley CA: Sylvia Paull's CyberSalon
Feb 5 Ojai CA: Krontona Institute of Theosophy
Feb 6 West Hollywood CA: Bodhi Tree Bookstore
Feb 8 Pasadena CA: Alexandria-II Bookstore
Feb 9-10 Hollywood CA: Center for Conscious Creativity
Feb 12 Encinitas CA: Ducky Waddle's Art Emporium and Rare Books
Feb 15-16 Tucson AZ: IONS Tucson Community
Feb 17 Truth or Consequences NM: Black Cat Books
Feb 18 Silver City NM: Silver City Sufi Circle

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