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Sunday, February 24, 2008

In Truth or Consequences, NM (2-17-08)

The next to last stop on my booktour was in Truth or Consequences, NM. This town has a very interesting connection to the power of the electronic media, as its name was changed in a competition back in the 1950's to be the first to host the popular radio show of that name.
Here I am with Jonathan Phillips (founder NYC Gnostics and editor of at the Black Cat Bookstore, photo by Mikey Sklar.
Soon after the talk, it was time for a long hot soak!


Mike Orenduff said...

How was Black Cat? Im doing a signing there soon, maybe making me only the second author to travel to T or C. I cn't imagine why it would be on your tour, but it's on mine because my book is set in New Mexico and actually mentiones T or C, and I kind of like the quirky little place.

Steven said...

Great mix of old hippies, western "leave me alone" types and younger, very plugged in, former techies. Wendy Tremayne ( is a good contact there.