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Sunday, February 24, 2008

It was an honor to be invited to Field's in San Francisco (right), the Bodhi Tree in Los Angeles, and East-West Books in NYC and Seattle. But the sad truth was that my turnout was actually pretty low.

I had better responses at bookstores in smaller cities (such as Bellingham WA, San Raphael and Encinitas CA, and Corvallis WA), or when sponsored by Noetic Sciences, Theosophical, or Integral Studies groups.
Highlights were speaking at Krotona TS Lodge in Ojai CA and the Rio Rancho NM TS Study Group, the Center for Conscious Creativity in Hollywood; at the Ken Wilber-Integral Studies "Meet-Ups" in Denver, Philly and NYC; at Unitarian Fellowships in La Crosse WI and Bellingham WA; at the HOME Church in Salem OR, at Tucson IONS and the Open Center in NYC, and the Bay Area Future Forum at SAP in Palo Alto (DJ Cline photo on left).

I think the best experience was meeting so many great people who put me up for the night, showed me their towns, shared their inner spiritual light, and encouraged me despite sometimes low turnouts. In point of fact, the book has acheived SECOND PRINTING, and foreign language rights have been sold in Brazil, Slovenia and the Netherlands!

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