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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Dimensions Radio Interview

While in California last month I was interviewed on the NEW DIMENSIONS RADIO Program. The show airs this week on over 100 stations in the USA and Canada. Here is their program description. You can use the link (above in the title) to order a podcast for $1.99.

How do we move through the glut of information and data, that the internet and “the cloud” has brought to us? How do we meet the challenge of mining the abundance of images, sounds, and wisdom from the new technologies? How will our spiritual metaphors shift? Vedro suggests there are filters and guides now cropping up, and they may be the, “the neo-cloud technology artist of the future.”

He says these people are emerging. “In some ways they will point us to what was there all along, but give us the filters [to see more clearly].” They will access many different bits and pieces from “the cloud,” and will mash them into new sounds and new images, which will help us realize our interconnectedness with one another and the planet. Vedro shares ways in which our metaphors are changing.

We are moving away from the old industrial society of hierarchy and power based on individuals holding information closely, as we enter an age of information that is mutually shared by multiple intelligences. It’s a culture in which our metaphors reflect a worldview of abundance and interconnectedness. (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)

Steven Vedro is a writer, lecturer, and nationally recognized telecommunications consultant He is the author of Digital Dharma: A User’s Guide to Expanding Consciousness in the Infosphere (Quest Books 2007 & Jaico Publishing House 2011). To learn more about the work and blogs of Steven Vedro go to

Topics Explored in this Dialogue:

- How our metaphors are moving from those of power and hierarchy to abundance and filtering
- What is the difference between the net and the cloud
- How the new guides of the “infosphere” might be likened to modern day DJs
- How this abundance of choices is actually limiting people’s perspective
- Who will be our guides to help us find our way through the information maze
- How have the metaphors of spiritual evolution shifted as technology has shifted
- How will technology bring us closer to a gift and trust economy
- How do we maintain our spiritual center in the midst of info smog

1 comment:

ann watts said...

i found your blog by listening to this radio interview.

at twenty-three, i'm observing similar experiences. at first, i was afraid of what i was experiencing. moreover, i was having a difficult time explaining this phenomena to others who do not have similar memories. i ultimately i became very discouraged because of the lack of affirmation and my inability to transcribe the phenomena.

yet knowing that i'm not alone, and that i am apart of one spirit is very encouraging. in addition, knowing that others are describing the phenomena through the language of modern technology ceases to amaze me. this proves that there is a geist!

in addition, i'm publishing an eBook of the written word that i mentioned prior. the eBook is a collection of observations i have been working on since last march of 2011 when i started to experience various telecommunication technologies.

publishing an ebook is a fantastic way to physically manifest these observations, to see them, and to work through them. moreover, it is also a great facility to share individual perceptions, knowledge, and understandings of the current time without any discrepancies from publishers or censorship.

in conclusion, i appreciate everything you are doing. i appreciate your fearlessness and your advocacy for the freedom of expression. thank you