Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another foreign edition!

Technika – Součást duchovního vývoje

Autor analyzuje náš technologický rozvoj jako psychospirituální proces. V moderních komunikačních technologiích vidí potenciální moudrost týkající se hlubších úrovní lidské komunikace.

Its from the Czech edition.

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Anonymous said...

The key to our never ending existence lies within our dreams. Those that experience a separate life, with relationships, events, places, etc., that come via dreams are living beyond the limits of their current being. Those that meet people, go to place, work at jobs in their dreams have made the jump to other dimensions. They can live beyond death, but will probably never remember their past life. They may have instances of repeating life's events, but not solid recollections. Who are these lucky individuals? They are those with life threatening diseases, deep trauma from war or accidents, dreamers, etc.